You are the face of TOTAL Transportation.

As you drive down the road, re-fuel, deliver, pick up, or just walk to and from your truck, you represent us all. You are the face of TOTAL, not only to our customers but to the driving public and potential drivers as well.

Per the driver’s handbook, “Drivers are to dress professionally when working…. In the interest of safety, drivers are required to wear appropriate footwear, preferably steel-toed, non-slip work boots. In absence of that, shoes with a rubber sole and that fully cover and protect your feet…. We prohibit wearing cowboy boots, dress shoes, or flip-flops while entering, exiting or operating your truck.”

Additionally, we do not want TOTAL to be associated with bad driver habits like dumping shipping trash on the ground, leaving “pee jugs”, or urinating around your cab or trailer. Obviously, this means at shippers and receivers but should also include truck stops, rest areas, and OUR OWN TERMINALS.

So help keep us looking like the professionals we are and be a great TOTAL representative.

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