We’ve Partnered With Workhound To Get Your Input.

In our continuing push for driver retention, we’ve recently partnered with a company called WorkHound that specializes in brief text to phone surveys of drivers. Did you know that each new driver represents over a $7,000 investment for TOTAL? Obviously we’d like to keep each driver happy and with us for as long as possible. We have several retention tools in place already and hope WorkHound can help us address challenges that drivers may not want to bring to us in person. WorkHound will be sending weekly texts to our solo drivers basically just asking how their day is going. Your responses are anonymous. We can then ask drivers to identify themselves if they would like to do so and we can address any specific issues they are facing. Everyone knows about our open door policy but we hope these surveys can give us a weekly snapshot of how things are going in real time for our drivers. The more drivers that respond honestly to the surveys the better we can make TOTAL. All responses are logged, tracked, and seen by management. So respond to those texts and help us make TOTAL the place we all want it to be!

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