Trainer Tips – Personal Conveyance Guidelines

Don’t know when it’s acceptable to use personal conveyance?  Let’s see if we can clear up some issues and get a better understanding.  You can drive a maximum of 50 miles of personal conveyance per 24 hours.  You can be loaded, empty, or bobtail as well. Here are the approved reasons you can use personal conveyance:

  • Travel to the nearest safe parking area after running out of all available hours at a customer location.
  • Travel to driver’s permanent residence or approved home time location from a work location. (terminal, drop yard, distribution center, etc.) at the end of a work shift.
  • Travel to a work location (terminal, drop yard, distribution center, etc.) from a driver’s permanent residence or approved home time location prior to the start of a scheduled work shift.
  • Moving a truck to another location as directed by law enforcement.
  • Moving a truck for personal reasons after a driver is parked and off duty. Examples of this include going to a restaurant, shower facility or laundromat.


Here is a list of unacceptable reasons to use personal conveyance:

  • Travel beyond the closest available safe parking location.
  • Travel to a driver’s permanent residence without approval by a Terminal Manager.
  • Travel to a safe parking location when a driver still has hours of service available.
  • Travel by company drivers for any personal reason while on home time.
  • Travel that advances a load or the driver’s job in any way (past the nearest safe location).
  • Travel to a safe location after running out of hours while in route to a destination due to traffic delays or other unforeseen circumstances
  • Bobtailing or operating with an empty trailer to retrieve another trailer and/or load.
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