TOTAL’s 18-20 year old Driver Program.

Everyone in the transportation industry knows one of the largest challenges we’re facing is the shortage of drivers. Industry leaders have helped introduce House Bill 5358 (The Drive Safe Act) to allow properly trained 18, 19, and 20 year olds to drive interstate. Currently, these drivers can get a CDL and drive within the state that issues their CDL-A.

TOTAL has spent countless hours developing our own program to correctly train and prepare these 18-20 year olds for a rewarding future. We’ve talked to CDL schools and high schools to try to bring in some recent graduates and start training them to excel in our industry. This isn’t like our regular training program. This program is much more in-depth and will run around 600 hours (approximately 6 months).

Training will include all aspects of the industry, from the big picture all the way to basic life skills on the road; everything it takes to be a good professional driver. In addition to more in-depth versions of our normal training, we’ve included new instruction for topics like money and time management as well as defensive, night, and extreme conditions driving to name a few.

If you or someone you know has kids graduating high school that are not looking to go to college for a specific career,  think about this as an option. The trade industry in the U.S. today is better than ever before, the money being paid for trade jobs is higher than what many college graduates end up making out of school. The pay rates in trucking and transportation have risen dramatically in recent years and are going to continue to rise to fill the demand.

The future of transportation is extremely stable and will be here for a very long time. If you have someone in mind, let us speak with them about their goals and how we can help them attain those goals in the transportation industry with Total. You can watch John’s video about this program on our Driver Portal or on our Facebook page.

We are proud to announce our first participant, Mr. Logan Bates. If you see him around please welcome him and wish him good luck.

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