Tony oversees all aspects of TOTAL Transportation’s terminal operations. Tony has 25 years of experience in the transportation industry, 20 of which he was a pioneer in the LTL industry and worked with some of the top companies in North America–Yellow Roadway, FedEx Freight, Consolidated Freightways (CF), and United Parcel Service (UPS). As Tony moved through the ranks, he quickly realized the need for high standards and accountability. Now Tony inspires excellence from his managers.

Once joining TOTAL Tony saw an opportunity to help evolve TOTAL’s TL network and fleet. Tony provided a vision to grow relay markets, expand the team fleet, and implement a culture of mileage performance. Now TOTAL Transportation is an industry leader in truck utilization and driver retention.

Tony holds a Business Degree from Hinds Junior College. Additionally, Tony’s leadership and contributions have been recognized several times throughout the industry; FedEx Freight – 3 Time Winner for “Hub of the Year,” UPS – 5 Time Supervisor of the Qtr. and Peak Season Leadership Award)