We are pleased to announce Stormie Janzen is being recognized as one of WIT’s 2023 Top Women to Watch in Transportation.


“Vice President of Safety and Recruiting for Total Transportation Stormie Janzen is one of Women In Trucking’s 2023 Top Women to Watch in Transportation.

“Stormie exemplifies WIT’s mission of diversity and inclusion by encouraging the employment of women in the transportation industry, promoting their accomplishments and minimizing the obstacles they face,” said Total CEO Craig Savell.

Stormie has been with Total Transportation as the Vice President of Safety and Recruiting since 2019. She leads the teams responsible for recruiting and developing a safety-focused fleet. Prior to joining Total, she spent two and-a-half decades working in and around Washington, D.C., for the American Trucking Associations and the United States Senate.

Her experience with various people and organizations gave her a keen ability to look for the right talent to join Total. During Stormie’s tenure with Total, the percentage of women drivers increased from 15% to 22% over the last three years, while also growing fleet size from 872 trucks to over 1,000 trucks.

Stormie has also spearheaded a monthly luncheon to help focus on professional development for the women in our company. Way to go, Stormie!

U.S. Xpress Director of Customer Experience @Jessica Jasso is also among the Top Women to Watch in Trucking 2023. Learn more here.”

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