We are very happy to announce our newest 750,000, 1 million, and 2 million-mile safe drivers!

Putting down these kinds of miles with no accidents is really amazing and we could not be prouder of these drivers’ accomplishments!

For some perspective:

The average American will drive 750,000 miles in 50 years.

1 million miles is the equivalent of driving from earth to the moon and back, and then driving back to the moon again. A driver would have to drive around the earth 40 times to equal 1 million miles.

2 million miles is like driving to the moon and back 4 times, or 80 trips around the equator.

Just let that sink in for a min.

750K accident-free

Christopher Thibodeau, Thyrone Lucas, Mark Davis, Rodney Williams, Evelyn Jones, Mammie Ward, Alfredo Graham, James Henderson, William Reedy.

Million Mile

Doran Arwood, Princess Arwood, Anita Lee, Louis Hill, James Ward, Calan Turner, Michael Christian.

2M Mile

Melvin Hardge!

Watch Video Here: https://vimeo.com/803510818/9d45059d32

Speeches: https://vimeo.com/803513392/085184fa1b

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