Our 18-20 year old students attend The 2018 ATA Management Conference and Exhibition

Over the years I’ve been blessed with many opportunities in the trucking industry, but none has been more rewarding than the opportunity to help train and develop our 18-20 year old truck drivers at Total Transportation of Mississippi. Last week we traveled to Austin, Texas to attend The 2018 ATA Management Conference and Exhibition. I was extremely proud of our students and impressed by all of the industry professionals who took the time to speak with our young drivers. I am certain that their words of encouragement and advice will be carried by our young truckers throughout their transportation careers. I can’t help but to imagine a world where this type of support is shown to America’s youth and young adults more often… A world where young adults are viewed as assets to our industry and society as opposed to seeing them as liabilities. In order to move America’s workforce forward, we must take proactive steps to invest in young adults. I’m proud to be a part of a company that has already started the process of being a vehicle for change. TTMS- INVESTING IN AMERICA’S FUTURE.  – Dwight Brown


Participants, Davionna Gower 19, Logan Bates 19, Travoz Ducksworth, Demarcus Seawood 19

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