Health and Wellness Initiative

A major challenge facing our industry today is driver health and wellness. When you are out on the road, exercise and eating right can be very difficult. It’s even harder when truck stops discount the convenient, unhealthy foods while more nutritious options remain expensive.

Total is looking at ways we can try to help our drivers live healthier and happier.  We owe it to you and you owe it to yourself and your family. To this end, we’ve put out a simple survey and asked for input on Facebook and the Driver Portal regarding driver health and wellness. So far the responses have been very positive and if they continue that way, we will work toward creating a program that makes a real and positive impact.

Total Transportation is a family and we run a great and lasting company. We are working with nutritionists and physical fitness trainers to develop driver adapted food recommendations and workout plans. We are also looking to you, the drivers, to tell us your challenges and suggestions to create a program that really works. Please go to our Driver Portal or our Facebook page and join the discussion. The more drivers involved the better this program will be in the future!

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