FedEx Ground Implements Contactless Dispatching

Nov. 18: FedEx Ground implements contactless dispatching

On Nov.18, 2020, FedEx Ground will implement the use of a new virtual dispatching application which will be used as a communication tool between local dispatch operations and Purchased Transportation (PT) carriers at the facilities. The application will go live through Vector, a third-party software company. This application is being used to improve the current contactless environment and enhance the dispatch and arrival process. 

App requirements

Vector Contactless Dispatch and Arrival is both a web-based and mobile-friendly app that requires internet access and a use of a mobile camera.

App download and registration

PT carriers can download and register for the Vector Mobile application accordingly:

  1. Prior to arrival at a FedEx Ground station: Search the Apple App Store or Google Play for ‘Vector Mobile’. Download the app and complete user registration using an email address, phone number and company DOT number.
  2. After arrival at FedEx Ground station: Locate and scan the QR code located outside the Linehaul office. Download the ‘Vector Mobile’ app from either Apple App Store or Google Play. Complete user registration using an email address, phone number and company DOT number.

Guick Response code (QR code)

QR codes are facility specific. The QR codes for the Vector app will be located at each FedEx Ground facility outside of the Linehaul operations office. After initial registration, each time the QR code is scanned at a facility the app will pre-populate the origin/location information. QR codes are to be used two reasons:

  1. Registration: First time users who have not downloaded the Vector app can scan the QR code to be directed to the mobile app store for download and registration.
  2. Check-in: Upon each arrival to a facility, users must check-in to the facility for Linehaul to confirm arrival and check-in.

FedEx Ground contactless dispatch/check-in overview:

FedEx Ground will use QR codes for user registration and/or facility check-in. Overall process:

  1. PT carrier arrives and checks-in to the facility via the Vector app or QR code
  2. FedEx Ground Linehaul confirms check-in and assigns trip
  3. PT carrier assembles equipment and completes digital dispatch record
  4. FedEx Ground Linehaul validates dispatch record and approves dispatch
  5. PT carrier departs facility after validation

Vector Mobile app support:

Technical assistance is provided by Vector Support daily from 5 a.m. – 1 a.m. EST.

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