Congratulations to Ed Fairchild on his 18 Years With and Retirement from TOTAL.

Congratulations and a fond farewell to Ed Fairchild. Ed started driving tankers at 16 years old (yep 16!). In 2001, after decades driving for various companies, he was unhappy with his employer at the time. He had heard about TOTAL from other drivers over the years and started doing “CB research” on us. He liked enough about what he heard to call our 1 person recruiting department and inform them he was coming to work for TOTAL. He was told that that’s not the process and he needed to fill out an application first. He told them that was fine but he’d see us Monday. He was there bright and early the next Monday before we could even get his paperwork in order. Recruiting had to rush everything to be ready by the end of the week. After that, he never looked back. He put that same determination to work behind the wheel at TOTAL.

His first 6 years he mostly drove back and forth for Lazy-Boy and Nissan because nobody else wanted to go to Canada. At TOTAL Ed found a fun company to work for with really great people.  He especially appreciated his relationship with his dispatcher Rick Burroughs.

Rick once asked Ed jokingly if he was ever going to leave TOTAL, Ed told Rick he planned to hang around just to see how frustrated he could make him. Ed says he’ll miss the people at TOTAL more than anything.

Ed met his amazing wife Debbie in 1966 and has loved her since their first date. He is looking forward to finally spending quality time with her and doing some traveling. They’ll be starting off with a month in Maggie Valley, NC. After that they’ll be doing “whatever they want, whenever they want!” Thank you Ed (and Debbie) for your years of service. Enjoy your retirement, you’ve earned it!

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