Buckle up for Peak Season

Peak Season

Every carrier goes through the traditional seasons of the year, but some of ours are greatly influenced by our customer base and their commodity. We consider peak-season as a period of time when customers are the most active and we require additional capacity to service their increased needs. Our goal at TOTAL is to prepare for our accounts that peak in each season of the year.

We have “peaks” in the Autumn, Summer, and Winter seasons. The end of the year, November and December, are the largest volume increases of our entire year. Our largest two customers, FedEx and Amazon, drive this holiday and retail shipping pattern as their volumes double or triple. Millions of people will have their holiday gifts on these trailers and we expect 100% on time deliveries across the board.

It’s extremely important that everyone work together to ensure these deliveries go according to schedule. Most of these deliveries go according to schedule. Most of these loads incur fines if they are late or missed. Please be proactive if something happens that might impact your delivery and let your FM know ASAP if other plans need to be made.

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