ATA’s National Truck Driving Championships Are Here!

The ATA’s National Truck Driving Championship will be held April 26th and 27th. The purpose of the Championship program is to provide an incentive for professional truck drivers to perfect their craft and drive accident free.  It also helps to improve the media’s and general public’s image of truck drivers and the trucking industry.

The Championship consists of a written exam testing a driver’s knowledge of the industry and their commitment to safety and security, a pre-trip inspection, and a skills test. The skills test challenges the driver’s ability to successfully maneuver through six obstacle type problems such as backing, parking, tight spots and other typical everyday challenges.

To participate in the rodeo, a driver must be employed with the company for a consecutive 12 months, perform the duties of a truck driver for 11 of those months, and be at least 1 year accident free from the period of last year’s rodeo until the current rodeo. This year we are once again participating in both the Tennessee Championship and the Mississippi Championship. 

To get prepared, some of our drivers went to a workshop sponsored by FedEx to practice for the skills test portion of the Championship.  Some also participated at a fundraiser held at the MS Braves Stadium several months back.  The drivers received a book geared towards helping them study for the written exam portion of the rodeo.  There is also a study guide available online.

Please join us in wishing our contestants for this year’s National Truck Driving Championship “Good Luck!” For the Mississippi competition we have Robert Brent, Robbie Williamson, Mark Orr, Anita Lee, Will Holloway, Scott LaBorde, Joseph Stanifer, and Jernell Myers! For the Tennessee competition we have James Tillie, Roy Faw, Terry Roberts, Laura Hathaway, Sandra Adams, and Chris Bearrentine.

If you would be interested in participating next year, please contact the Safety Department.

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