We’ve Been Listening to Our Drivers

At Total we are continuously trying to improve in ways that make your jobs better. We want everyone who works here to enjoy it and to have a long term career with Total. We understand the competitive market for professional drivers and are striving to set ourselves apart as a driver’s first choice to work.

John Stomps continues to meet with a driver focus group every 4-5 weeks. He will be asking drivers their opinions on a variety of topics to see how we can continue to make Total a better company for all involved.

Recently Leigh White and Ashely Shelby have spearheaded a program to reach out to each driver individually. Drivers will be contacted by various Total staff to “check in” with our drivers. If you’ve not been contacted yet you will be. We are simply asking how things are going and if there is anything we can do to help make your job better. 

We have hired a night and weekend dispatch operator at each terminal to help get your calls answered faster. With each terminal receiving 800 – 900 calls a day communication is one of the most important functions of our operation.  As noted previously we have also created a Bat Phone to help with weekend dispatch.

As we continue to grow and strive to improve as a Company your feedback is crucial! We want you to feel comfortable coming in to see your Fleet and Terminal Managers or using the anonymous suggestion feature on the Driver Portal to give us feedback on what we can do to make your career at Total even better!