Leadership Team

John D. Stomps

President & CEO

John D. Stomps founded Total Transportation of Mississippi, LLC in 1990. John’s executive leadership responsibilities include overseeing all functions of Total Transportation, demanding excellence from each department. Since day one, John has been passionate about Safety, Security, & Service. He believes these focus areas are how this trucking company has been vibrant for 25 years.

After selling his Alabama based Construction Company in the 1970’s and shifting his focus to the transportation industry, John moved his family to Jackson, MS in 1981. During this time period, John worked for Consolidated Freightways (CF). CF was considered one of the top LTL trucking companies in the country during the 1980’s and provided John with tremendous training that gave him the confidence to start his own company.

By the spring of 1991, John and Rick Kale co-founded Total Transportation. John led the small company with 20 power units and only a handful of employees. Like many business owners with humbled beginnings, John and Rick worked day & night to ensure the success of Total. In the Mid-1990’s, John was able to help cast a strategic vision for Total’s operations and setting the tone for long term sustainability in the marketplace. Early success was due to Total’s people and commitment to one of the highest on-time delivery percentages in the country.

By 2007, U.S. Xpress Enterprises purchased a majority interest in Total, naming John Stomps the President and CEO. In less than 15 years, John had successfully developed a small 20 truck operation into a mid-size national carrier of 500 trucks. Even with facing the worst economic recession since the Great Depression and a very challenging regulatory environment, John has aligned Total’s 750 trucks with some of the top corporations in the country and built a sustainable network that proudly serves America’s people.

John holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Alabama – Birmingham. He is currently Chairman for the Mississippi Trucking Association Board of Directors and involved with the American Trucking Association’s efforts to improve the image of the trucking industry.

John and his wife, Karan resides in Port Gibson, MS on their family farm. They enjoy spending their time hunting and offshore fishing with their children; Jerrica, Christopher, & Morgan.

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