TOTAL’s Trainer of The Quarter

TOTAL is proud to announce our new Trainer of The Quarter Mike Nickson! Mike has been driving trucks for 10 years and has been with TOTAL for 3; 2.5 of those as a TOTAL Driver Trainer.  Before TOTAL he was a trainer at Swift for 4.5 years, but we don’t hold that against him! Mike says he loves his job and sharing what he’s learned with others. “It makes me proud when I see drivers that I’ve trained out on the road and doing well. I had a hand in that.”

“TOTAL really is different, people always know who I am when I call and the open door policy is real. I’m thankful to have the support of people like Josh Rule and Jordan Caine there to lend a hand when I need it.”

Mike agrees it’s no surprise that backing is the hardest thing to teach new drivers. As a trainer it takes patience and repetition and as a student you have listen… and practice.

Mike’s uncle had been a truck driver, and after loading trucks for a Lowes DC, Mike (with encouragement from his wife) decided to step up into the trucks himself. With steadfast support from his wife and 4 children at home in Valdosta GA, he’s been able to excel at what he enjoys. “I wasn’t trying to get Trainer of The Quarter, I was just out here doin’ my job the best I could.”

We are very thankful Mike chose to bring his best to TOTAL and we couldn’t be happier to name him Trainer of The Quarter.

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