Management Trainee Program

The TOTAL Transportation Management Trainee Program has been designed as a "hands-on" and participatory experience. Our goal is to prepare the trainee for a career in the transportation industry and ultimately to use each person’s strengths to find their best position within our trucking company.

During this paid twelve week program the trainee will experience every phase of TOTAL Transportation and the general industry. Although the range of instruction is broad and the training intensive, the structure of the program is simple. Experienced professionals and experts in their fields will be mentors in each individual area. A loose structure allows mentors to modify the training procedure to best fit the needs and abilities of each trainee.

TOTAL’s Management Training program includes periodic reviews and discussion of concerns or objectives to give the feedback necessary for the trainee to excel. After completing each field of study individuals will be evaluated by a mentor.

At the conclusion of the program, each trainee will have a broad working knowledge of our company and the transportation industry at large. This will allow trainee placement in the position best suited to their skills and future advancement at TOTAL Transportation.

Again, this program is not designed to create an experienced professional, but to prepare the trainee for a career in the trucking industry within our company. TOTAL Transportation and the trainee will be making a tremendous investment in this journey together. By the end of training, it is our sincere hope and expectation that each trainee will have entered the doorway to a rewarding career with our trucking company.

Haley"It Seems like just yesterday I was starting..."

It seems like just yesterday training was starting, and I was beginning my 16 week process as a Management Trainee at TOTAL Transportation. As a recent graduate looking for a professional field with a promising future, I feel very privileged to have been offered this amazing opportunity. By rotating through the different departments I have acquired vast experience in multiple areas learning the nuts and bolts of the industry. One exciting part about working for TOTAL is you truly never know what to expect each day. It’s personally rewarding to find solutions to the different challenges. The provided training has, without question, boosted both my professional and personal development.

Haley Shackelford 


Alexis"When I first started...I didn't know anything about trucking."

When I first started the management trainee program, I didn’t know anything about the trucking industry. The program allowed me to learn about the many different departments and how they all work together. Getting hands on experience gave me a leg up once I was finally placed as a Customer Service Rep. Instead of having to learn the basics of the industry and computer systems, I could focus on mastering my new role.

Alexis Ware


MIchael"After finishing my MBA, I was in search of an entry level management position..."

"After finishing my MBA, I was in search of an entry level management position with the opportunity of a promising career and growth with a company. Total’s Management Trainee Program seemed to be the perfect fit for me.  This program gave me experience in all departments such as recruiting, safety, customer service, fleet management and billing, and allowed me to expand my knowledge in the transportation industry. After completing the Management Trainee Program, I spent a year in fleet management where I was able to work under some great mentors. Still today, although being in different departments, I continue to receive support from those mentors and colleagues. I have made my home at Total in the Brokerage division as a Logistics Account Manager.  I have a variety of task throughout the day from dispatching a driver to resolving billing issues that have all been made easier through the knowledge I gained while in the Management Trainee program.

Michael Spiers



I love Total because of the family-oriented culture and the many opportunities for professional growth.

Once completing my training I became a Customer Service Representative here at Total Transportation. I chose Total because it afforded me the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and be exposed to a different side of the trucking industry. I love Total because of the family-oriented culture and the many opportunities for professional growth. Thank you Total for giving me the opportunity to become a part of such a great team.

Constance Walker


Molly"Becoming a part of the Total team has been such a wonderful experience..."

"My time during the management trainee program showed me just how much Total invests in their employees, even from the beginning. During the 12 week process, I was able to get hands on learning from different department heads, and great exposure to real life industry problems. This program not only provides the necessary training to understand a complex industry, but the skills to excel. Becoming a part of the Total team has been such a wonderful experience and I look forward to my future here.

Molly Rushing


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