Total Transportation's Management Trainee Program

The TOTAL Transportation Management Trainee Program has been designed as a "hands-on" and participatory experience. Our goal is to prepare the trainee for a career in the transportation industry and ultimately to use each person’s strengths to find their best position within our freight transport company.

During this paid sixteen week program the trainee will experience every phase of TOTAL Transportation and the general industry. Although the range of instruction is broad and the training intensive, the structure of the program is simple. Experienced professionals and experts in their fields will be mentors in each individual area. A loose structure allows mentors to modify the training procedure to best fit the needs and abilities of each trainee.

TOTAL’s Management Training program includes periodic reviews and discussion of concerns or objectives to give the feedback necessary for the trainee to excel. After completing each field of study individuals will be evaluated by a mentor.

At the conclusion of the program, each trainee will have a broad working knowledge of our company and the transportation industry at large. This will allow trainee placement in the position best suited to their skills and future advancement at TOTAL Transportation.

Again, this program is not designed to create an experienced professional, but to prepare the trainee for a career in the trucking industry within our company. TOTAL Transportation and the trainee will be making a tremendous investment in this journey together. By the end of training, it is our sincere hope and expectation that each trainee will have entered the doorway to a rewarding career with Total.

Haley  "It Seems like just yesterday I was starting..." 

    It seems like just yesterday training was starting, and I was beginning my 16 week process as a Management Trainee at TOTAL Transportation.  As a recent graduate looking for a professional field with a promising future, I feel very privileged to have been offered this amazing opportunity. By rotating through the different departments, I have acquired vast experience in multiple areas learning the nuts and bolts of the industry. One exciting part about working for TOTAL is you truly never know what to expect each day. It’s personally rewarding to find solutions to the different challenges. The provided training has, without question, boosted both my professional and personal development.


Haley Shackleford 


adam "TOTAL Transportation has a great, youthful management team..."

From day one, I not only had the ability to communicate with my supervisors, but they also gave me time out of their day to address my concerns and gave me the liberty to address any problems and work with management to fix issues. The opportunity to gain experience in fleet management, safety, customer service, planning, and brokerage allowed me to see different aspects of the business that helped me better address internal issues that I encountered. They gave me ownership from day one and let me have the flexibility to incorporate my working style and ideas into the company.

     TOTAL Transportation has a great, youthful management team who is hungry and willing to adapt with the nascent changes in the transportation industry. At Total I have had a great work – life balance, I have had the freedom to unplug when needed, and I’m provided the resources I need to succeed as my role continues to grow. I have enjoyed the company dinners, the basketball games, and the cookouts we have to inter-mingle the office staff with a key part of our team, the driver.

Being a team is an essential part of this industry. The Total Transportation Management Trainee Program makes it evident that members of each department are staunch supporters of one another’s goals, whether they are personal or work related. TOTAL Transportation is a great company, and I really enjoy everyone that I’ve met in the past year working for them. Not only do I enjoy the atmosphere, but I enjoyed seeing my own successes grow while taking more ownership of my accounts. The trainee program was a great learning experience that prepared me for any future endeavors at TTMS.

Adam Sizemore


Shawn"...Prior to that, I barely knew anything about the freight industry."

In January 2015 I joined TOTAL Transportation’s Management Trainee Program. Prior to that, I barely knew anything about the freight industry.

My training began in the Safety Department where I learned about the vast number of regulations enforced by the Department of Transportation, including Hours of Service, CSA Basics, permits, and basic driver safety. With this knowledge I began to understand drive times, mandatory brakes, DOT regulations and how drivers can be proactively safer while behind the wheel.

               From the safety department, I moved to Customer Service. Working on this side of the business taught me how to communicate with various shippers and consignees, book freight, keep customers updated on when the driver would arrive at the facility, and modify appointments as needed. I learned how to operate both our internal assignment and tracking systems as well as many of our customers booking systems. This experience helped me to understand the time-sensitivity of the industry while getting a glimpse of how variable things can be with regards to making scheduled appointments. 

       In Fleet Management I was able to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges drivers face over the road. After more training on software I was given a small fleet to watch over. I was responsible for getting the drivers preplanned, giving them details regarding their preplans, handling any payroll issues or other concerns the driver was having by communicating with the appropriate department, ensuring they were following their HOS and staying safe, etc. I developed an understanding of how to manage a fleet and, through the relationships I forged with these drivers, was able to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies these drivers face on a regular basis.

     While in the planning department I learned about our freight network, the importance of minimizing deadhead, ensuring we have a balance between freight to pick up and trucks in the area, balancing the need to keep drivers moving and the need to service freight, etc.

     By the time my training concluded, I felt very well rounded and prepared for a career in the freight industry. This has translated directly into my success in my role as a Fleet Manager here at TOTAL.The foundation gained from my time in the different departments within TOTAL’s operations was integral to my broader understanding of the industry, and how we integrate Safety, Security, and Service into our daily operations.

     I am exceptionally happy to be working for TOTALl Transportation of Mississippi and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn about the industry through the Management Trainee program.  I give this program a high recommendation for anyone looking to get a foot in the door with the transportation industry. We have an excellent team here I am confident that you would be pleased with the professional growth that this program provides. 

Shaun Bernard