Total Hlps with Irma Disaster Relief

TOTAL Transportation of MS, LLC is privileged to serve alongside the Salvation Army during a time of need after Hurricane Irma.  With 1200 employees representing our organization, over 125 of TOTAL’s office staff & drivers live in the state of Florida. 

We are honored to share in the mission with the Salvation Army to serve the Tampa, FL Area and pleased to announce that Lakeland, FL Based Driver, Thomas Crysler will be delivering the truckload shipment of mobile kitchen equipment. 

Thomas represents the 3.5 Million truck drivers in America that play a critical role in replenishing and restoring the areas impacted by Hurricane Irma.  During times of disaster, the Salvation Army is a guiding light to many people’s lives and the trucking industry will be there to ensure those needs are met. 



John D. Stomps

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