Run Your Updates!

Make a Resolution to Run Your Updates
Update notifications are something we all get on devices like our computers and phones and it can be very tempting to ignore them. You may think you’re saving time by skipping them, but updates often help your devices run faster and smoother. Most importantly, they maintain your security, keeping your personal and company data safe from hackers.

To keep devices secure and functional, make a resolution to run your updates. Not only is it easy to do, but there are also some ways you can plan ahead to avoid inconvenience: 
1. Schedule your updates. Operating systems and software on phones, tablets, and computers will often give you the option to schedule your update installations. When updates are ready and you receive a prompt, taking just a minute or two to set a time when you’re not using your device will ensure that you’re up-to-date without disruption.

2. Set your apps and programs to automatically update. Some programs are already set on auto-update, but that setting can often get disabled by either the user or another program. If you’re unsure, check your device settings.

3. Submit an IT Service Desk ticket. If you’re unsure if your computer or program needs updating, how to download an update, or how to access your settings, the U.S. Xpress IT Team can update your programs and systems safety and securely. 

Remember, out-of-date programs and systems have weaknesses that malware and viruses can use to gain access to important things like your passwords, financial information, and our company’s network. By making a plan to stay updated, you can ensure everyone’s safety.