Reaching Your Fleet Manager

We’ve been listening to your comments on our WorkHound text surveys and we hear your concerns about communication with your FM’s. Please understand that your Fleet Manager is working hard to keep you on the road and fielding over 200 calls every day.
Make sure you can reach your FM quickly and efficiently for all involved by dialing their extension when prompted at the beginning of the call. If you don’t know your Fleet Manager’s extension, please request it the next time you speak to them or to a dispatcher. Remembering these terminal codes will help you get your call where it needs to go before you dial the FM extension:

• Jackson: 60 + extension 

• Memphis: 29 + extension 

• Loudon: 61 + extension

Of course, DriverTech should be your first line of communication whenever you are not driving. However, it is important to know your Fleet Manager’s extension to avoid spending your valuable time going through the group line (dialing 1 for general dispatch) which frequently has high call volume and can slow everyone down.

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