TOTAL Company News

Peak Season

TOTAL is honored to have been selected as one of 2018’s “Top 50 Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation" by Women in Trucking! 

If you’ve heard me speak about our business in any forum, you’ve heard me say that we’ve got to do a better job attracting and retaining professional truck drivers. 

As you drive down the road, re-fuel, deliver, pick up, or just walk to and from your truck, you represent us all.

A major challenge facing our industry today is driver health and wellness.

TOTAL has committed as an instructor sponsor for the next year at Hinds Diesel Academy.  The HDA prepares individuals to be highly skilled technicians employed

Everyone in the transportation industry knows one of the largest challenges we’re facing is the shortage of drivers.

TOTAL is in the process of expanding our dedicated lane offerings in Middletown, CT.

The quarterly safety training is a little different this year.