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This week we bring you an interview with our Team of the Year: Donald and Sonya of “The Thompson Team." (The Thompsons retired from TOTAL and trucking in early 2020.)


Hi Thompsons, congratulations on being our Team of the Year for 2019!

(With all the pandemic and protest information we were not able to post our interviews with our 2019 Drivers Of The Year earlier this spring. This year we have multiple winners! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting one a week in no particular order.)


For the 3rd year in a row, TOTAL is a finalist for the "Top Companies For Women to Work For in Transportation."

Now it's time for the industry to vote for the official list of companies to be featured in WIT's magazine, Redefining The Road.

Clean and disinfect

Make a Resolution to Run Your Updates

Hi Leigh, tell us what your title is and what that means you do day to day with TOTAL.

With “nuclear verdicts” (settlements over $10M) hitting carriers in our industry more and more, we are forced to take measures to protect ourselves.

The number one driver for CSA unsafe driving violations is speed.

TOTAL is proud to announce our new Trainer of The Quarter Mike Nickson!