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Donald Trump’s presidency, which is just a bit more than a month old, has attracted both criticism and praise as he tries to make good on campaign promises including some that could affect the American trucking industry.

American drivers traveled more than 3.2 trillion miles on public roads in 2016, the most ever in a year, according to estimates released this week by the Federal Highway Administration.

Intermodal rates rose in January by the largest amount in more than two years, while truckload linehaul rates retreated, according to one measure.

In an effort to increase our fleet manager’s awareness of what our drivers deal with daily we treated our FM’s to a shop talk lead by Emmitt Johnson.

James Jaillet @trucknewsJJ January 31, 2017

The nation’s highway and transit systems need to overcome a nearly trillion-dollar investment backlog, according to a new report on the state of America’s transportation infrastructure commissioned by the Department of Transportation.

Finding a safe, suitable parking place at the end of the day can often be one of the toughest things you do.