Hi Mike, tell us what your title is and what that means you do day-to-day with Total.

Freightliner has released an inspection/repair campaign affecting 1

TOTAL is gearing up to participate in several fun community service activities in the coming weeks. We want to not only get our name out there, but serve our community.

In June, a team from TOTAL convened in Orange Beach, AL for our a

Hi Kevin, tell us what you do with TOTAL?

We are excited to announce we are revamping our orientation process here at Total Transportation.

We are making efforts to fine tune and change the way our Expiration Lists are run and sent out to dispatch, one of those ways is to start working on all drivers that have any necessary documents expiring within 45 days instead of the usual 15-30 that we have be using in the past.

Occupational fraud has proven to not only affect an organization’s bottom line, but can also take a tol