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Last month a local Jackson station interviewed our driver Tiffany Hathorn. It was noticed by Fox News and they aired their own interview with Tiffany and the CEO of DSC Training Academy (Her CDL school) Great job, Tiffany!

 Congratulations to Tony Graham and Amira Smith!


TT- Hi Genevieve, thank you for taking a moment to speak with us. First, congratulations on being our Total Solo Driver of The Year!

G- Thank you! Yeah, I was quite surprised when I got the news.

TT- Why was that?

The Total Difference. If you want to be the best then come work with the best!

Our very own, John Stomps, was recently recognized with the MTA Lifetime Achievement Award for extraordinary leadership. This award recognizes someone who has not only been a leader in the industry, but has given much to support trucking beyond the walls of their company.

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