Safety, Security, Service

TOTAL Transportation of Mississippi is dedicated to delivering our customers’ freight shipments safely, on-time, and claim-free. “Safety, security, and service” are principles we live by. The safety of our employees, our equipment, and the public will never be compromised. Every employee of TOTAL Transportation of Mississippi is dedicated to these principles.      


Safety: The Most Important Aspect of Service

TOTAL Transportation was founded on the cornerstone concept that safety and service always work hand-in-hand. They are engines of equal horsepower that stand behind the success of our drivers and our trucking company. In today’s world, excellent service demands that our drivers and the people supporting our drivers never take their collective eyes away from following the proper safe driving practices and taking the appropriate cargo security measures.

Over the years, we have continually worked to make the trucks at TOTAL among the best in the industry for driver comfort and safety. The integrated technology on board our trucks has been placed there to help our drivers focus on the job at hand – keeping themselves, the public, and our customers’ cargo safe. Without the proper respect for safety, it is impossible to continually achieve the levels of service excellence that our TOTAL drivers have established.


As most participants in the transportation industry are aware, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) developed and implemented the Compliance Safety Accountability program, more commonly referred to as the CSA program. The implementation of the CSA program began with the initial release of carrier scores on December 12, 2010.

The CSA program is intended to reduce commercial motor vehicle crashes and injuries on our nation’s highways. The staff and management of TOTAL welcome the CSA program as it will help create a safer driving environment across our nation for our drivers and all who share the road with the trucking industry.

At TOTAL, we have continually worked across our organization to educate employees on the impact and changes that CSA has brought and will continue to bring to our industry. Our education process has included in-cab and on-site training for our driving and non-driving associates. We also continue to research and deploy new technologies, enhance existing processes, and identify opportunities for improvement. Members of the management team at Total have participated in continuing education seminars on CSA, including an event that featured former FMCSA Administrator and principal developer of the CSA program, John Hill as the keynote speaker. 

The CSA program will continue to bring important and valuable changes to the transportation industry. TOTAL is committed to monitoring the CSA program as it continues to evolve over time. We plan to provide additional information and perspective as changes are implemented – including what those changes mean to our customers.

If you would like to learn more about the CSA program, we would encourage you to visit the CSA website at . There are various sections in this website that answer frequently asked questions, provide informative video links and include overview pages that are setup in a quick-read, “Just the Facts” format.