TOTAL Driver Stories

Whether you've been around the block a time or two, or you're just starting your journey in trucking, you've heard it all before. Most trucking companies hire experts to tell them how to convince drivers to come work for them.  Well, we think there is nowhere better to hear it from than the source. Look below to find out just a few videos and reviews of why our TOTAL drivers love being part of our family.


 "Trust me you won't regret coming to Total. I have a wonderful Dispatcher. They have enough loads to keep you moving. I never sit... When you walk in the office at the terminal they greet you with great attitudes. They always ask, "what are you doing man? How's it going?" I've had my share of companies, and by far total is the best. I wish I would have joined when I first thought about it. If they fire me... Well attempt to, I'm rolling on the floor screaming until they tell me I can have my job back!!!... Hahahahaha"  -Gabe Johnson Sr.


"I have been with Total since July of 2015 and have been very impressed with the company since day one. 

I started driving in January 2013 with hauling Reefer loads, and I've been thru several companies since then. None have the respect for Drivers that Total Transportation does. Not only that, all parts of the Total Transportation management have an open door policy. That's just unheard of, none of the other companies I've driven for would allow their driver in to see management about an issue.

Within a year of joining Total I have managed to pay off all my debt I've had for several years, and have been able to put more money in my bank account. That's all because of the family atmosphere here at Total Transportation. 

I recently became a driver trainer back in September of 2015 and have an excellent relationship with my Fleet Manager Josh Rule in Loudon. I feel that Total Transportation of Mississippi is my Home away from Home and enjoy working for such a great Company."  - Todd Heckman