Denise O’Mary, our Trainer of the Quarter!

Congratulations to Denise O’Mary, our Trainer of the Quarter! Denise came to Total as a student in 2016, and has been training new Total drivers for the last year and a half.  Denise is a very hard-working driver who takes pride in her work and strives to make her safety bonus every month.  Denise’s students always refer to her as the mom figure. She is loving, but strict when it comes to doing her job. She makes it a point to emphasize how critical it is to be safe and deliver freight the right way. Thank you for everything you do to make our training program successful everyday Denise! Left to right: Lavonica Newell – Training Coordinator, Josh Rule – Sr. Manager, Trainer FleetDenise O’Mary – Trainer, Jordon Caine – Training Fleet Manager

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