Congratulations new Million Milers!

Congratulations to Loyd Davis, Melvin McKay, and Terrance Leonard!!

Driving a million miles or more without a chargeable safety violation or accident is no easy task! The daily challenges faced on the road, not to mention changing weather conditions will stack the deck against a driver. As many experienced drivers know, as time goes on the odds of a mishap increase as complacency can set in.
To put this achievement in perspective, consider these sobering statistics.
Driving a million, safe miles is comparable to:
Driving between New York City and Los Angeles… over 360 times.
Driving for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 60 mph… for over 2 years.
Driving around the Earth at the equator… 
40 times
That’s the distance to the moon and back. Twice!
That’s the Total Million Mile Driver.

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