Announcing our new Total Full Ride Scholarship Program!

Total Transportation is proud to announce Full Ride–the first program in the industry to provide FREE college education for truck drivers and your families. If you’re a company driver employed by Total Transportation, you can earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in one of dozens of disciplines ranging from liberal arts to business to behavioral science. All 100% paid. And, all while you continue earning as a driver with Total Transportation. 


Your dependents ages 17-26 may also earn their bachelor’s or master’s degrees at no cost to them. As a first seat company driver with Total Transportation, you may have a total of two family members enrolled in school at one time (either two dependents 17-26 years of age or you and one dependent).


As a Total Transportation driver, you and your family will have access to accredited online courses through Ashford University. Total Transportation will pay tuition and fees for you and/or up to two dependents at a time as long as you’re employed as a first seat company driver with us.


Experienced professional truck drivers are eligible to participate as soon as they begin work with Total Transportation Student drivers are eligible to start taking classes as soon as they have completed their Behind-the-Wheel training and are promoted to “first seat” driver. There is no obligation for you to remain with Total Transportation after you’ve finished with school (but we hope you’ll stay!)

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