Announcing our new Total Driver Council members!

OTR Amos Page 407-232-5973

OTR James Peck 769-972-1634

OTR Matt Ryan 865-304-5988

TEAM Trish Robinette 954-770-2582

TEAM Fred Klem 301-885-9473 

DED Brian Bumgardner 423-961-4097

DED Julie Rodriguez 321-277-1873

We had an incredible response to our call for Driver Council members. We wish everyone who responded could serve this year but these drivers will serve on the first 12 month term. For those of you who were not chosen this time, please don’t be discouraged from applying next year. Remember, you don’t have to be on the council to help out your fellow drivers.

These drivers have proven themselves not only to be outstanding at what they do, but they are also very kind and helpful. Combined they represent over 150 years of trucking experience. If you have a concern, a suggestion, or a challenge that you’ve not been able to resolve through regular channels, these drivers are here for you. Each Council member has management on speed dial and knows the best person to contact to help resolve any challenge you may have. Please take down their numbers and emails so you can easily reach out to them if the time ever comes.

Thank you again to all the amazing drivers who offered to help, and congratulations to our new Driver Council members!

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